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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography Description

Infrared thermography is a reliable, non-destructive and safe method to determine the different temperature variations of materials and it allows us to detect anomalies invisible to the naked eye.

Services provided by Infrared Thermography

Enspeco is equipped with the FLIR T420BX infrared camera. This camera is at the top of its class; it can capture and image accurately surface temperatures of objects.

The infrared camera can detect:

  • the presence of insulation deficiencies
  • the presence of defects in roofing
  • abnormalities of the building envelope
  • air infiltration and exfiltration issues
  • moisture impregnated materials
  • loss of gas materials in high efficient windows
  • presence of insects (nests) and vermin
  • electrical hazards (hot spots of equipment in electrical panels and prevent breakage)
  • poor workmanship

The infrared camera cannot:

  • detect all of the above in ALL conditions
  • detect sources of moisture leaks
  • presence of mould

In the case of new buildings, the examination of the vertical envelope (walls, windows and siding) is recommended prior to final acceptance of the work or in case of dispute with the general contractor.

Some other applications can also benefit from thermography and for these types of applications a study is conducted with the client to assess the case and determine specific needs.

The benefits of thermography:

  • increased security
  • accuracy of work
  • improved comfort, better insulation
  • saving time
  • saving money and energy
  • detection of wet insulation under the roof
  • detection of moist materials in the walls

On average, an infrared study can take up to 2 hours. The client is invited to participate in the study and to talk to the inspector throughout the study. The study is completed by the delivery of a written report with photos.

Infrared Thermography With The Blower Door Test

Using infrared thermography along with blower door testing is a great way to see some deficiencies when the ideal conditions for infrared thermography are not available. The camera does not “see” air, but it does see the effect of the cold/hot air on the surface of nearby materials. Combined with infrared thermography you will easily determine where the leakages are and document them!


The Canadian government, in its National Master Specification (NMS), has established training certification levels for thermographic work and camera specifications for government contacts.

The 4 separate documents cover infrared scanning of:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Roofing Assemblies (ASTM C1133 or NMS 02 27 16)
  • Building Enclosures

The Flir camera T420BX used by Enspeco has the specifications to be used in all these conditions.

Enspeco brings together engineers and building inspectors as well as specialized professionals.

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