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Commercial Energy Evaluations


An energy evaluation is a detailed analysis of building systems and envelope for commercial or multi-residential properties, also taking into consideration the user control and building operation. We analyze the overall energy consumption/costs of the facility along with the operational methods and equipment used. Through the fundamental principles of thermodynamics and estimates pertaining to consumption, cost and emissions reduction we are able to develop energy efficiency measures. The report provides the owner/manager with a list of options for energy efficiency upgrades that includes capital cost, operating savings, and payback implications. Using a ‘hands-on’ approach we address our clients’ financial and operational energy needs. Whether determining the proper energy retrofits or providing the structure for ongoing management of energy costs, we understand the importance in finding and implementing the most practical and cost effective measures.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling of a building is ideal for comparison of the constant changes in equipment efficiencies and technologies. This is a valuable tool to evaluate the different designs and energy efficiency measures while implementing the aid of federal and provincial government incentives. We are experts in building simulation models and facilitating applications to ensure that incentives are paid out to our clients for their energy efficiency measures.

Scope of work

Some areas of expertise which are common topics covered in our energy evaluations are as follows:

  • Lighting
  • Is your facility using the most energy efficient lighting options?
  • Are there areas that have excessive or unneeded lighting?
  • Are you making effective use of available lighting, such as natural sunlight?
  • Have you installed lighting management equipment such as dimmers, timers and sensors?
  • Building Envelope
  • Is the building well insulated?
  • Is the building leaky or airtight?
  • Are there are doors/windows that are left open frequently?
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Are furnace, boilers and air conditioning systems operating efficiently?
  • Is there a regular maintenance and update schedule for these systems?
  • Are filters replaced regularly?
  • Is the building properly ventilated?
  • Motors and Equipment
  • Is your equipment maintained so that it is operating at maximum efficiency?
  • Are machines shut down when not in use?

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